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  • Costillera Ribtec Tillett

    The R4 – The R4 model has a multi layered construction which spreads the load in such a way that it keeps individual ribs from moving independently. At the same time the R4 does not dig into the driver at the edges and does not create any extra pressure points due to its smooth comfortable towelling layered interior. The R4 has been developed to protect rear 3/4 and bottom rib injuries.

    It is very light and just like the P1, incredibly thin so that it does not disrupt the seat size. The R4 has an adjustable rear angle to match the many different chest angle shapes and it has an elasticated Velcro attachment for comfort and convenience, including elastic which aids breathing and comfort. The black plastic outer skin on the R4 helps avoid race suit damage which is a problem for many other composite panelled rib protectors.

    Size guide

    The R4 Ribtec is available in 6 Sizes; C, XS, S, M, L and XL.

    To find your size please refer to the chart below.

    Chest measurements should be taken with a measuring tape pulled tight around the chest.

    C 22” – 26” 56 – 66 cm
    XS 26” – 32” 66 – 81 cm
    S 32” – 36.5” 81 – 93cm
    M 36.5” – 40” 93 – 102 cm
    L 40” – 44” 102 – 112cm
    XL 44” – 48”  112 – 122cm