• Guante K1 Grip Auto Racing

    Nomex® Auto Racing Gloves

    Whether you compete in a professional motorsport series or are an amateur improving your skills in the world of autocross and HPDE, a good set of gloves can provide a wealth of benefits. If you wear a fire suit, then a pair of Nomex® auto racing gloves is a must. If you don’t yet wear a race suit, you may want to consider one of auto racing suits. Professionally designed and manufactured, our suits are ideal for racers on a budget, novice drivers, individuals looking for custom-tailored options, and veteran racers looking for superb quality at industry-low prices. Our Nomex® auto racing gloves are built to the same standards, by the same principals – high-quality construction, fit, and finish at affordable prices with the latest FIA certifications. If you are in the market for a new pair of gloves, or are buying your first set of auto racing gloves, we think you’ll find our K1 Grip gloves are for you.

    K1 Grip Nomex® Auto Racing Gloves – Product Details

    We have designed our Grip gloves to be comfortable, easy to wear for extended periods of time (the tension on the fingers is minimal to reduce strain and the gloves are light on the hands; auto racing gloves should not behave like spacesuit gloves, nor should they feel like oven mitts), highly functional, and aesthetically engaging. The sharp contrast two-tone designs that we offer look brilliant, yet individuals seeking a less conspicuous pair of gloves can still opt for our monotone white or black color options should they choose.

    The gloves themselves have rubber on the fingers and the palm for improved grip. If you have a suede steering wheel in your car, these gloves will help protect the suede material while providing unparalleled grip at all times. Suffice to say, the wheel will not slip out of your hands. If you have a standard leather steering wheel in your car, these gloves both prevent sweat from reducing your grip on the wheel and allow for the rim of the steering wheel to slide across the hand, should you shuffle steer. Yet once you clamp down on the wheel, you’ll once again retain grip, thanks to the rubber palm design. Our Nomex® auto racing gloves incorporate a number of features that make them the obvious choice for veterans and amateurs alike:

    • 2-layer Nomex® construction
    • SFI 3.3A/5 certification
    • Silicone K1 logo grips on fingers for additional grip
    • New palm design providing additional driver comfort and reducing fatigue
    • Pre-curved fingers
    • Slash-cut gauntlet

  • Guante K1 RaceGear RS1 Kart Racing

    • Abrasion-resistant fabric
    • Elastic wrist
    • Vented Fingers
    • Seamless Fingertips
    • Slash-cut gauntlet
    • External Stitching
    • Padded Leather Palm for Grip and Comfort

    The all new RS-1 Kart Racing glove is probably the most comfortable glove that you could possible ever wear. The glove has an array of features any karter would love to have. It offers a rolled finger tip design. This gets rid of the 4 point stitch which would normally bother your finger tips. Not to mention along all fingers is a soft vented mesh to allow for airflow to flow to the fingers keeping you cool under pressure. Reverse stitch throughout which allows for maximum comfort and lets you focus on your race line.


  • Guantes K1 RaceGear Champ – Nomex SFI 3.3/5

    • Certified to stringent SFI 3.3/5 homologation standards
    • Hi-Quality, Lightweight Double Layer Nomex
    • Pre-Curved fingers w/ external stitching
    • New strategically placed silicon palm design
    • Elastic cuff opening for ease and secure fit
    • Available in standard and fluorescent colors

    The NEW Champ Glove was developed in conjunction with professional race car drivers in all classes to provide a top of the line, SFI 3.3/5 rated Nomex glove, with the latest in innovative features, while remaining the most affordable in it’s class.  This ultra-lightweight glove, with it’s anatomically correct shape, provide maximum comfort and functionality.  Minimal external stitching, strategically placed silicon palm design, and new fluorescent neon colors make the Champ Glove the perfect choice for all racers looking for a boldly styled, premium auto racing glove.