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  • 2-1/16″ Voltmeter, 8-18V, Sport-Comp

    Keep tabs on the health and output of your vehicles electrical system safely and accurately. With a patented air core meter movement, this gauge operates with category defining accuracy anywhere from 8-18 volts on negative ground electrical systems. Installation is simple and it can keep you from being stranded on the side of the road.


  • 2-5/8″ Oil Pressure, 0-100 Psi, Sport-Comp

    Quite possibly the most critical vital to monitor, engine oil pressure can mean the difference between making it home and needing to replace the engine. The patented air core meter movement provides the durability and accuracy that you expect from the AutoMeter name. Throughout 57 years of building the world’s best competition instruments, this meter movement has been the engine powering the machine that sets the benchmark. A single wire, 1/8” NPT oil pressure sender is included.


  • 2-5/8″ Oil Temperature, 40-120 °C, Sport-Comp

    An engine running a high oil temperature will fail, as proven time and time again. Monitoring this critical parameter ensures that you are running the correct weight oil and that your oil cooling system is performing properly. Highly accurate and durable thanks to AutoMeter’s patented air core meter movement, a single wire, 1/8” NPT temperature sender is included.


  • 5″ Pedestal Tachometer, 0-10,000 RPM, Sport-Comp

    Since 1957, AutoMeter has set the standard in performance, accuracy and durability with their legendary Tachometers. The absolute pinnacle of engineering and technology, it’s no wonder AutoMeter can lay claim to more motorsports victories than every other gauge manufacturer combined. The patented air core meter movement, wound in house to exacting standards, can move the needle from 0 – 10,000 rpm in 333 milliseconds. An ultra bright shift light guarantees you hit your shifts perfectly, every time. An inaugural inductee to the Hot Rod Speed Parts Hall of Fame, no other tachometer on the market has had anything approaching its impact on professional racing. Built for a lifetime of service under the harshest conditions, this is the no compromise tach for no compromise builds. When you’re ready for the best, there isn’t another choice.


  • Alpinestars Underware Balaclava

    The Alpinestars ZX EVO balaclava for auto racing is manufactured with Lenzing FR®. Lenzing FR® is an innovative natural viscose fiber that possesses an exceptional flame resistance and protection against heat transfer. The Alpinestars ZX EVO balaclava has been developed in Formula 1 to be extremely lightweight, thin and super soft to the touch. This allows for maximum comfort and breathability under your racing helmet.

    The ZX Evo balaclava also features a double layered face and single layer back for extra protection and reduced bulk inside the helmet for a better fitment, SEAMLESS construction, and a mouth aperture for easy drink tube access. FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3/5 Approved. Available in white or black colors. Sizes: One size fits all.

    • Formula 1 spec balaclava, constructed using an innovative flame resistant technology developed by Alpinestars,
    • Lenzing FR® is a special natural viscose fiber with unique thermal insulation and permanent flame resistance properties and is more breathable and has better elastic properties than conventional fabrics,
    • Lightweight, SEAMLESS construction ensures maximum driving comfort with minimal material pressure.
    • Fabric construction is extremely soft to the touch ensuring a pleasant feel under the helmet.
    • Dual layer front side and single layer back side for improved protection and fitment,
    • Mouth opening for drink tube access,
    • FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3/5 Approved.

  • Asiento Cobra Monaco Pro Racing

    The Cobra Monaco Pro seat, new for 2008, is an excellent entry-level competition seat, the Monaco features tubular steel frame construction and a deep-sided ergonomic shape for maximum lateral support at a weight comparable to fiberglass. Current FIA 8855-1999 (FRESH DATING). Standard width, will accomodate 5 or 6pt harness systems, and is both side and bottom mount capable. Available in the new red, blue, or black ‘Spacer’ fabric.

    • All steel tubular construction,
    • Side and base mount capability,
    • 4/5/6 point harness facility,
    • Breathable & cooling spacer fabric,
    • Suede-Tec anti-wear patches,
    • Colors: red, blue, or black,
    • FIA 8855-1999 Homologated.

  • Asiento Momo Start

    The MOMO Start competition seat is MOMO’s new entry level fiberglass seat. Newly designed in 2012, it offers a light weight fiberglass shell, integrated lumbar and thigh support and 5 harness openings. The openings have been redesigned to allow easier harness installation and more comfortable placement. The Start features side mounting vs. the previous models bottom mounting. Weight: 18.7 lbs. FIA 8855-1999 Homologated. Available in black only.

  • Asiento Sparco Sprint

    The Sparco Sprint race seat is Sparco’s entry level competition seat, perfect for weekend racers. The Sparco Sprint carefully balances safety, styling and value. The fastenings for side or bottom attachments on the tubular frame are better positioned on the shell while the holes for fifth and sixth seatbelt points provide improved safety. This seat is made from fire retardant fabric and features contrasting quilting. Available in red, blue, or black colors. FIA 8855-1999 Approved.

    • Additional side mounting provisions on the tubular frame for better positioning,
    • Includes sub-strap holes for fifth and sixth seat belt systems,
    • Fire retardant fabric with contrasting stitching,
    • FIA 8855-1999 Approved.

  • Casco Arai GP-6 Ped SA2015

    Arai GP-6 Ped helmet utilizes the design of the GP6-RC (Arai’s flagship helmet in carbon fiber) but is constructed of Arai’s exclusive Sclc (Super Complex Laminate Construction) shell technology, which provides superior impact energy management properties, utilizing proprietary cutting edge fiberglass based materials and construction techniques, while maintaining low weight without the use of trendy materials which may not be properly suited for use in helmet applications.

    The Upper ventilation of the GP-6 Ped has been changed from the GP-5 Ped model, incorporating 3 adjustable intake scoops, similar in design to the GP5/W in front and two delta exhaust outlets in the rear for improved interior ventilation. The interior fit is typical Arai, benefiting from years of research and refinement, resulting in a helmet that more closely matches the shape of the human head. Such a close fit allows for the smallest possible helmet to be worn, while still being comfortable. Combined with incredible fit and comfort, Arai concentrates on balance and center of gravity.

    The GP-6 Ped helmet represents the result of Arai’s pursuit of a comprehensive package, providing comfort, function in an attractive package, masking the hidden energy management system within. Because after all, the thing to remember is that a helmet is worn to take the abuse in the event of an impact and if necessary be destroyed in that process. Includes Arai’s helemt aerodynamic PED kit. Snell SAH2010 approved. Pre-drilled for Hans posts w/ M6 locations. Available in white only. Sizes:XS – XXL.

    • ScLc Construction – Arai’s lightweight ScLc shell construction maintains low overall weight,
    • New Shield Pivot hardware – New pivot hardware with redesigned track slider that improved aerodynamics,
    • Shell Shape – A smaller more ‘natural’ head shape to create a lower center of gravity which balances and stabilizes the helmet to feel lighter and reduce fatigue,
    • Wider Eye port – Larger eye port than comparable models, at 90mm drivers enjoy a better view,
    • Removeable/ Replaceable Cheek pads – For easy cleaning, the cheek pads are removable. Optional cheeks pads of varying thickness can be inserted to provide a more customized fit,
    • Ventilation – Larger closeable intake vents with larger 10mm holes increase air intake. 10mm rear vent holes increase air flow even further,
    • Head and Neck Safety Device Mounts – The GP-6PED has pre-installed M6 washer/nuts and molded mounting posts for a variety of safety devices,
    • New Chinbar – Newly sculpted chin bar and ridge along the lower edge of the shell improve structural integrity and provides a rise in the shell for added shoulder clearance,
    • Snell SAH2010 Approved,
    • FIA 8858-2010 Approved.

  • Casco Arai SK-6 K2015 karting

    The Arai SK-6 karting helmet utilizes the same overall design and immensely strong shell as the GP-6S race helmet for auto racing with light wieight Complex Laminate Construction (clc). Arai’s proprietary cLc (Complex Laminate Construction)shell technology of the SK6 is so strong it allows the use of an extremely soft EPS liner for better comfort and impact energy management.

    Arai SK-6 Helmet features large intake vents with adjustable apertures, and large exhaust holes for increased airflow front to rear through the helmet. The Arai SK-6 also features a slightly wider eye port for increased peripheral vision, a positive shield locking mechanism providing solid shield latching while allowing normal operation, a their new pivot hardware with redesigned track slider that improve aerodynamics.

    The SK-6, like all Arai karting helmets prior, has been designed with the kart racer in mind. A Coolmax nylon liner provides great breathability and is super easy to wash, and removable cheek pads for a custom fit and even more thorough cleaning. Also, a newly sculpted chin bar and ridge along lower edge has been added to improve structural integrity, give extra clearance above shoulders and lower the center of gravity. Snell K2015 Approved. Available in white color only. Sizes: XS-XL.

    • Based on the GP-6S auto racing helmet,
    • Complex Laminate Construction (cLc),
    • Enhanced Hyper Ridge shell strengthening in lower section,
    • Multi-Density hybrid inner shell liner,
    • Larger opening for increase ease when taking helmet on or off,
    • 4-point inlet and outlet ventilation system,
    • Two larger ventilation inlet scoops (holes increased from 7.8mm to 10mm),
    • Two larger ventilation outlets at rear covered by DDL Duct (holes increased from 7.8mm to 10mm),
    • Dual inlet chin ventilation,
    • Visor locking system with lever for easier opening (as recommended by IRL),
    • Improved visor pivot kit for better aerodynamics and easier visor operation,
    • Smaller top-bottom portal visor aperture (60mm),
    • Coolmax washable nylon lining,
    • Snell K2015 Approved.